Past & Present Performances

He Lives! ©

A minimalist production depicting the life of Christ with music and drama. In fifty minutes, the interdenominational cast of 20-27 representing 15 churches portrays approximately 38 characters in the life of Christ, using only creative costuming. The narrations that carry the audience through the seven scenes of the drama are short and taken right from Scripture. Each scene is strategically woven through with contemporary arrangements of classic tunes as well as with new songs with full orchestration accompaniments. This simplistic approach is used to enable us to travel into the various state correctional institutes where props are not allowed. This approach has also enabled us recently to travel to Israel and present the Gospel in several venues where props and technical methods were not possible.


Christmas Celebration ©

A two hour musical presentation. Act One includes an opening scene of the family tradition built around Christmas with gifts and trees covered with ornaments. Following this opening scene, our cast presents a choir concert with traditional and spiritual songs celebrating this special time of year. Act Two is the real story of Christmas that details the birth, life, ministry, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Included in this scene are beautiful curtains, special effects and biblical costumes of that period of history.


Creation Celebration ©

Similar to “Christmas Celebration”©, but begins with the story of Adam and Eve and their fall into sin. One of the questions that was asked over and over by our Eastern European audiences after a performance of Christmas Celebration”© was, “Why did Jesus do all of this for us?”. This led us to add the scene depicting the creation of Adam and Eve and their fall into sin and mankind’s need of a Savior. The story is told with ballet dance and beautiful costuming.


It’s Never Gonna Rain! ©

The story of Noah and the Ark. It’s the story of how the faithfulness of one person can change the world. The drama shows how God’s Word, when given to someone as a command to follow, should be obeyed, even if those around us don’t believe or laugh and call us crazy. The set was a life-size, believable looking ark and the story was told with song, dance and narration. Our “animals” were school children dressed in colorful costumes. This was a very successful presentation, enjoyed by cast and audience alike and met with enthusiastic applause.


The Greatest Love Of All! ©

More than a production, it is an invitation! This story invites the audience into a relationship that will change their lives forever. When audiences experience “The Greatest Love Of All!”©, they will experience the greatest love of all! The story is about sacrifice, a thematic thread that weaves the Book that we know as the Bible together. It is not only a story about love but also about obedience. The style is everything from classical ballet to big theater. It has humor and drama, but most of all, it has hope. Beginning with the tragic fall of man from grace and his complete redemption through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, this story captivates the audience. You will be amazed by Noah, you will dance for joy with David, you will laugh as the Son of God walks untouched through the fiery furnace with Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, and you will weep as you behold the Lamb of God.


Devil or Angel? ©

Set in the 1960’s and jam packed with all the music, humor, nerds, bee-hive hair-dos and culture of the era. From the moment the curtain opens on a dance scene of a major production dance number, the audience is in for a rockin’ good time! But more than just entertaining, it is a story of teenagers in love, 50’s & 60’s rock ‘n roll and a devastating tragedy bringing new life! Penny and Joey meet at a dance – a shy, young girl catches the eye of the local heart-throb. Although Penny is drawn to Joey, she remembers her mother’s advice and invites Joey to attend a play at her church. Afterwards, Joey can’t deny that his life has been changed by the play’s message. All of his friends laugh at him but one – Danny, the lead singer of the Thunderbirds sees that Joey is different, but before he has an opportunity to talk to him, a devastating tragedy occurs! Ten years pass, Danny meets with Penny….Devil or Angel?…you decide! “Devil or Angel?”© is funny, it’s said, it’s powerful, it’s loud, it’s really rock ‘n roll! It’s theater, it’s band show biz, it’s a costumed, choreographed production…but most of all, it’s GOD’s!!!


Everlasting Joy!

“Everlasting Joy!”, our new Christmas musical premiered in 2014. It is two one-act plays combined to tell the true story of Christmas. The first one-act play is an adaptation of Charles Dickens’ masterpiece, “A Christmas Carol.”  Set in Victorian England, this delightful musical chronicles the life of Ebeneezer Scrooge, as his heart – and his life – is transformed forever by the love of God. Completing the second one-act play is Revelation Ministries’ signature piece, “He Lives!” This superbly crafted play portrays the life of Christ from the prophets foretelling his coming to his death and Resurrection. Together, these two pieces convey the true story and meaning behind Christmas in a way that is both unforgettable and entertaining for the whole family.