Our History


On December 25, six American team members left their Christmas celebrations to travel nineteen hours to St. Petersburg  to assist the first ever production of “He Lives” in Russia. They were needed to bring added production value to the new team of 32 Russian Christian actors.

In January, the new Revelation Ministries Russian team toured to three venues with “He Lives!” and performed to standing room only audiences.  The people showed a hunger for Christ by remaining long after the last song to ask questions and give personal testimonies.


An expanded cast with even more children, new scenes, and music is added to the new script, “Everlasting Joy” and is presented along with “He Lives!©” for Christmastime at the Trinity Church in Lighthouse Point.

Revelation Ministries toured with “He Lives!” reaching new communities from Delray Beach to the south.  In Hollywood, the audience was packed inside the Russian-Ukrainian church to see the performance as others were congregating outside asking questions and receiving Christ.

The Broward County Transitional Center welcomed Revelation Ministries once again to new inmates, and the men and women stood up after the performance to receive Jesus in their hearts.


Revelation Ministries joins with Victory Church to present Easter Sunday celebration at Florida Atlantic University. Fifteen hundred people attend at the Carol and Berry Kaye Performing Arts auditorium and hundreds come to the Lord

Revelation Ministries premiers the original script, “Celebration of New Beginnings” and returns for engagements at Covenant Village, Providence, and First Church of Coral Springs, and for the first time at Sheridan Hills Baptist

“The Inspirations of Christmas” is written as an introduction to “He Lives!©” and the new Christmas show is performed at the First Presbyterian of Pompano Beach, Living Water, Parkridge Baptist, Omega, and Calvary Chapel North. The return performance of “He Lives!” at the Pompano Federal Detention Center brings 200 attendees and 65 people saved.


Spring performances are also hosted by various churches, such as First Church of Coral Springs, Victory Church, Redemptive Life Fellowship, Parkridge Baptist, Calvary Chapel North, and First Baptist of Fort Lauderdale, home of the renowned Christmas Pageant.

Share Jesus International extends an invitation for “He Lives!© to be performed in the Pentecost Festival at various venues throughout London, England. Audiences are awed and many come forth to share life-changing testimonies.

The Refuge’s sponsors, Calvary Chapel Church, invite Revelation Ministries to present the gospel to their homeless shelter in Fort Lauderdale and many came to Christ. Covenant Village, a retirement community in Plantation, Florida, asks Revelation Ministries for a return show. The Worship Center collaborated with Revelation Ministries for their annual fundraiser. Other hosting venues are Engrafted Word, and Plantation Community Church.


For the spring, requests for shows are accepted and performed in many churches in Broward and Palm Beach counties.

At the Pompano Detention Center, a captive crowd of 300 watches the presentation He Lives! © and 80 stepped forward to receive salvation. Performances were hosted at The Refuge homeless shelter, the woman’s jail, as well as churches such as Riviera Beach, Plantation Community, and Living Water.


Trip to Israel. Beth Hillel Temple hosts a fundraiser to support the mission trip to Israel to perform “He Lives!©” . Revelation Ministries partners with Discovery Ministries to perform in Nazareth, Bethlehem Baptist Church which is under Palestinian rule, at the Jerusalem Mission House as well as open air on the busy evening Ben Yehuda Street. Many come to Christ.

“Devil or Angel©”, an original script, is presented for two nights at the Fort Lauderdale library to packed audiences.


Revelation Ministries continues to perfect and promote performances of “ He Lives!©” throughout Broward and Palm Beach counties in many churches of various denominations, and several homeless and detentions centers.

Locally, in Broward and Palm Beach counties, Revelation Ministries performs at churches, retirement centers, detention centers, jails, and juvenile centers.


Share Jesus International invites Revelation Ministries to perform for their Pentecost ’08 in various churches throughout London, England. It was a historic event when the team performed the uniquely designed “He Lives!©” on the Green at Westminster Abbey.

“He Lives!©” premiers at the Belle Glade Correctional Institute as a request by Chuck Colson, founder of Prison Fellowship. The piece was designed to meet the specific standards required by prisons, and actors uniquely posing as props are used for the first time.


“Creation Celebration” is written and performed with ballet and song. This Easter production is held before several thousand people, and public professions of faith were made. The partnership with Samaritans Purse was vital.


The Ukrainian Creative Team presents before 15,000 in the God Embassy’s 12th Anniversary Celebration, a four-day event attended by government officials from ten nations and many renowned international religious leaders.


“Christmas Celebration,” an original pageant written for Ukraine, is produced in 2004 and 2005, with a cast and crew of over 125 nationals from 15 different churches, and a 33 piece orchestra. Five shows are experienced by over 5,000 people. Many come to accept Christ as their Savior.

The Ukrainian Creative Team recruits and trains a 125-member choir. More than six thousand people see the gospel portrayed through music and drama during the Orange Revolution, a historical political event backed by Ukrainian believers.


From 2001 to 2004, Revelation Ministries trains teams of young people from Florida and Ukraine to share their faith on the streets of Kiev, Poltava, and Donetsk. Through creative sketches and music, these teams share the gospel in churches, orphanages, and detention centers. Hundreds come to accept Jesus as their Savior.


Travis Johnson travels to Kiev, Ukraine with a missionary group. He sees a deep spiritual need in the people to know God, especially in the younger adult generation.


“It’s Never Gonna Rain,” Revelation Ministries’ first production with original script and music featuring Noah and the story of the ark, was specifically written for a Black Tie fundraising event.


Revelations Ministries comes into being as a registered corporation with the State of Florida and as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization with the Federal government.

Travis Johnson is called by God to take the Christmas pageant to Russia.