“The Scarlet Thread”


Long before humans existed, the Scarlet Thread was. Then war broke out in heaven and supernatural forces clashed for thousands of years. Stretching the history of the world from Moses, King David, to the resurrection of Christ, “The Scarlet Thread” unfolds the true story of how God saves people through the Scarlet Thread, his son, Jesus, and his ultimate victory at the cross. The majesty and splendor of these causes beyond the ordinary course of nature will captivate audiences blending mesmerizing music and dance with state of the art special effects in this ground breaking production. Audiences will experience the love and passion God has for all people in this original musical production, “The Scarlet Thread”.

In April 2017, Revelation Ministries produced and had an overwhelming response to the “The Scarlet Thread”, its new original full scale musical which reveals the presence of the Lord Jesus from Genesis to Revelation. You wouldn’t want to miss this this opportunity to bring this powerful mix of high-end production values, music, choreography, and special effects once again to South Florida.

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Written by professional screen and television writer, Starr Horton,  “The Scarlet Thread” contains music by contemporary composers such as Joshua Spacht, Gregg Nelson and Bob Farrell, David Clydesdale, Robert Sterling, Hyun Cook and Mary Kay Beall. Original work composed specifically for this script was from Jeremiah Ginsberg and Janet Cunningham.

Blending music and dance with state of the art special effects, The Scarlet Thread begins at Creation and through the Old and New Testaments shows how the Father saves and redeems His people through the Scarlet Thread of His Son.  After the crushing fall of man at Creation, the audience will experience God’s covering grace with Moses at Passover; share with David the joy of the Presence of God when the Ark of the Covenant returns to Jerusalem; witness the sacrificial love of Boaz for Ruth, and walk with Jesus through His three years of ministry. It all concludes with the ultimate victory He gained for each one of us at the Cross.

The motive force behind “The Scarlet Thread” is Matthew 28:19 – to go and make disciples of all nations. Everything about this production is geared to show people of all nationalities and of all levels of Spiritual understanding that God loves them and has a plan for them.  Indeed, when all is said and done, the goal of “The Scarlet Thread” is simple – to impact the world with the love of God through the dramatic arts.



We are committed to producing “The Scarlet Thread”, translated into Russian to St. Petersburg, Russia. You, too, can be part of this exciting adventure – using the powerful medium of the performing arts – by becoming a partner or by donating specifically to this project.