St. Petersburg, Russia Project

Russia street on Sunday

Our original, full scale production, “The Scarlet Thread” is in production to be sent to St. Petersburg in 2017, at the time of the one hundredth year anniversary of the Bolshevik revolution. Many are excited about this grand adventure, but support and donations are needed to raise funds for the production to debut first here before traveling to St. Petersburg, Russia.  See our “Donate” page or contact the President of Revelation Ministries, Travis Johnson to support us.


Team at church performance


It was 2013, when President Travis Johnson met with Dima Tribelsky, a pastor in Russia, and was determined to start with a small touring production that would grow to a full pageant production, the original call of God to him.  On Christmas Day 2015, six members traveled and worked to support the Revelation Ministries performing arts group of St. Petersburg for the first ever performances in Russia of Revelation Ministries’ signature work, “He Lives!”





Ruby and actors3


The 2015 show of “He Lives!” at the St Petersburg Christian University was to standing room only. After the finale, the audience remained, and came forward to tell the cast and crew how much the performance had touched their hearts and how wonderful they saw it.  Also, many said that nothing like this had ever been presented in St Petersburg and could see how such a show would change lives and minister to the lost in Russia who never had the opportunity to know Jesus.





In the same tour, “He Lives!” came to St Michael’s Church, a nondenominational church, and again, it was standing room only though the weather outside was 14 degrees below zero. The Holy Spirit touched many lives, and worked through the leadership of Ramona and Aaron Bogotts, an American couple, who were vital to the success of the performances.



Jesus in village3


To fulfill this call of bringing the Gospel to Russia, Revelation Ministries needs donors to support the original and powerful production of “The Scarlet Thread” so that 3.5 million dollars may be raised to develop and produce two marvelous shows – one in English for South Florida and the ultimate goal – to take it to St Petersburg, Russia translated into Russian.  We pray daily and we covet your prayers as we strive to fulfill God’s call.